Pictures I'm submitting to the BWGS to try to win the photo contest:

(Click picture for big version)

Best bird:

Harpy Eagle (working for Peregrine Fund in Panama):

Best birding:

Counting 3 million hawks in one season in Kekoldi, Costa Rica:

Other pictures I didn't submit:

Counting 10,000 hawks (and banding a few too) in the Goshute Mountains, Nevada:

Best hospitalization?

About to get an appendectomy in Panama:

Mimicking the logo:

Where's the Harpy Eagle? (I was wearing sleeves instead of the t-shirt this day! Bummer.)

Biggest Tree:

Wicked big Sitka Spruce, Olympic NP, Washington:

Best location (4 entries):

1. Grand Canyon, AZ:

2. Independence Pass, Colorado:

2. Yosemite:

4. Kata Tjuta, Australia:

Musically Relevant Location:

The Eagles' "Take it Easy":