Well, now that I'm back, I've added a little more.

First, a quick story of how I got this job.

Second, a preliminary update of life in Costa Rica.

Finally, November and December: Temporales, living on the reservation, and Costa Rica outside of Talamanca.

For you crazies, birding.

Like I said, I'm back in Boston, and it's the first time I've settled down in quite a while:

June 5 - June 13: drive to Mass with Chachi & Eric
June 14, 15: in Mass
June 16 - June 20: in AZ, getting motorcycle ready
June 20 - August 9: Motorcycle trip
August 10 - August 23: Cape Cod
August 24 - August 28: Mass
August 29 - Sept 2: NYC
Sept 3 - Sept 14: Mass
Sept 15 - Sept 20: Ithaca
Sept 21: Mass
Sept 22 - Dec 21: Costa Rica
Dec 22 - ????: Foxborough

And Sept 22 - Dec 21 seems like a long time, but in reality I lived in El Cruce for 15 days, then in the house for 21 days, then in El Cruce for 10 days, then on the reservation for 14 days, then in El Cruce for 3 days, then in Puerto Viejo for 5 days, and then I started travelling! This means that the last time I stayed in a place for more than 3 weeks was the beginning of June in Arizona! That's 7 months of transience.

Anyways, I'm ready to settle down- at least for a few months!