New Link: MARATHON PHOTOS (not great ones) can be found at You can even buy photos there at a total ripoff price if you want!


Official time: 4:19:17. I beat Oprah's time but lost to P-Diddy :(

For a look at more info on my race, go to and search for my last name. Put a space between the c and E.

11 January, 2:00 PM UPDATE: I made it! I think I ran 4:20 plus or minus a minute, but we'll see the official results soon. When I find the results, they'll be posted here.

10 January UPDATE: Well, the event is upon us. Sunday, January 11th is marathon day. Start time is 7:45 AM MST (9:45 EDT). Based on my training, I should be finishing up a slow 4 and a half hours after I start.

For those of you who supported me (and Teach For America) with a donation, thank you!

Information on the marathon can be found at the Rock 'N' Roll Arizona official marathon web site.

Full marathon results will be posted at's marathon website
Once I get my results, they'll be posted here!