Here are some more pictures from Panama.

Here's me in front of Hospital Nacional, a very nice hospital in Panama. I went to this hospital three times: once for a stomach flu, once to get my appendix removed, and once to get a tetanus shot when I cut my finger with a machete:

A large, well-buttressed tree and I pose for a picture:

Some trees are big enough that when they drop their flowers, the flowers cover everything and form a carpet on the floor of the rainforest:

Here's a cashew tree. You can see the nuts, which form at the bottom of the red (false) fruit:

Classic slash-and-burn deforestation abutting the park:

Using the telemetry to track down a Harpy:

Taking a break after a hard day's work:

Liz came down to visit. We took a trip to an archipelago controlled by one of Panama's indigenous groups.Notice the palm trees holding up the basketball backboard:

The airport that serves the island of Wichub-Huala is on the neighboring island of Porvenir:

Here comes our flight to head back to Panama. The island of Wichub-Huala is in the background under the plane:

Pepe, a juvenile Striped Owl (Asio clamator) that we released into the wild at our cabin. Click on Pepe to see the full-size image:

Harpy Eagles can be hard to find, even when you have telemetry. Here's me looking for Eboli, who was particularly difficult to locate:

The crew at the cabin: